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We are the local branch of the Sheffield Liberal Democrat party for the Stannington Ward, one of twenty eight electoral wards within the boundaries of Sheffield City Council. Stannington Ward falls within the Parliamentary Constituency of Sheffield Hallam.

Stannington Ward is one of the most geographically diverse in the city. Located on the Western side of the city it includes both the hustle and bustle of urban communities together with rural villages and hamlets.

To the east of the ward there are the urban suburbs of Stannington and Middlewood, together with the village suburbs of Loxley and Worrall. Moving west the landscape is dominated by the collection of local reservoirs including Damflask, Dale Dike and Strines and includes the rural communities of Low and High Bradfield and Dungworth. The far west of the ward is part of the Peak District National Park, the first in the United Kingdom. Much of the ward is designated as ‘Green Belt’.

Liberal Democrats have a long and healthy association with the Stannington Ward. All 3 City Council seats are held by Liberal Democrats, whose focus is on supporting local residents and communities, both of whom often feel neglected by and isolated from the Sheffield City Council.

The local party is run by an Executive Committee, consisting of a team of officers and additional members. The Committee usually meets every two months. All local members are welcome to attend branch meetings which are normally held at a variety of local venues, but of late have been conducted via video conferencing. There is also a Campaign Group which meets between the Executive Committee meetings and liaises with the Sheffield-wide campaign group.

Meet the Stannington team for Sheffield City Council